Personal Practice

Listening - Dialogue A

Listen to the dialogue and then answer the questions below. You may listen to the dialogue as many times as necessary, but it is expected that you should be able to answer the questions after one or two tries. If not, stop and review the phrases and vocabulary for this lesson. The same goes for all the other dialogues in this lesson: if you are having trouble comprehending them, go back and review first, and then continue when you are better prepared to succeed.

Do not print this or any other dialogue until after you have listened to it and attempted to answer all of the questions based on it.

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  1. What time of day is it?
    Feedback Imagemorning
    Feedback Imageevening
    Feedback Imagewe don't know
  2. Does the first speaker greet the second by name? If so, what is it?
    Feedback ImageYes, it's Muhammad
    Feedback ImageYes, it's Ahmad
    Feedback ImageNo, we don't know


  1. The greeting exchanged is:
         SabaaH il-kheer صباح الخير.
  2. The speaker says:
         SabaaH il-kheer yaa 'aHmad صباح الخير يا أحمد.

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