Personal Practice

Listening - Dialogue B

Listen to the dialogue and then answer the questions below.

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  1. Is the male speaker thanking the female speaker for her help?
    Feedback ImageYes
    Feedback ImageNo
  2. If the first speaker was to say goodbye to the second, what would be the appropriate response from the second speaker?
    Feedback Imageallaah yisallimak الله يسلّمَك
    Feedback Imageallaah yisallimik الله يسلّمِك


  1. The greeting used—as-salaamu calaykum السلام عليكم—is particularly Islamic in nature. We can assume, therefore that one or both of the speakers is Muslim.
  2. Because the first speaker (the male) would be saying goodbye to the second speaker (the female), allaah yisallimak الله يسلّمَك would be correct.

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