Personal Practice

Listening - Dialogue D

Listen to the dialogue and then answer the questions below.

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  1. What time of day is it?
    Feedback Imagemorning
    Feedback Imageevening
    Feedback Imagewe don't know
  2. What exactly does Muhammad ask the first speaker to do?
    Feedback Imagerepeat her statement
    Feedback Imagespeak more slowly
  3. Is Muhammad polite in his request?
    Feedback ImageYes, he said please.
    Feedback ImageNo, he forgot to say please.
  4. Whether Muhammad did or did not say please, which would be the appropriate way to do so? (Keep in mind that the person with whom Muhammad is speaking is female.)
    Feedback Imagemin faDlak من فضلَك
    Feedback Imagemin faDlik من فضلِك


  1. The greeting exchanged is:
         masaa' ilkheer مساء الخير
  2. He says:
         marra thaaniyya min faDlik مرّة ثانية من فضلِك
  3. His exact words were:
         marra thaaniyya min faDlik مرّة ثانية من فضلِك
  4. min faDlak من فضلَك is the form used when addressing a male, but Muhammad is addressing a female.

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