Listening and Speaking

Dialogue Practice

We would like you to listen again to the dialogues of this lesson. We expect that by now you have a pretty good grasp of the meaning, so we want you to focus your attention on pronunciation and inflection. After you listen to each dialogue (or each line of the dialogue), practice repeating the dialogue (or line) outloud, copying the native speaker's manner of speech.

Dialogue A

صباح الخير يا أحمدSabaaH il-kheer yaa 'aHmadGood morning, Ahmad
صباح النورSabaaH in-nuurGood morning

Dialogue B

السلام عليكمas-salaam caleekumGreetings
وعليكم السلامwacaleekum as-salaamGreetings

Dialogue C

أهلا وسهلا يا سميرة'ahlan wa sahlan yaa samiiraWelcome, Samira
أهلا بيك يا منى'ahlan biiki yaa munaWelcome, Mona
...time passes...
مع السلامة يا منىmaca ssalaama yaa munaGoodbye, Mona
الله يسلّمكallaah yisallimikGoodbye

Dialogue D

مساء الخير يا محمّدmasaa' il-kheer yaa muHammadGood evening, Muhammad
مرّة ثانية من فضلّكmarra thaaniyya min faDlikAgain, please
مساء الخير يا محمّدmasaa' il-kheer yaa muHammadGood evening Muhammad
مساء النورmasaa' in-nuurGood evening