hello / welcome	اهلاً وسهلاً 'ahlan wasahlan	Greetings	sounds/ahlan wasahlan.mp3
greetings	السلام عليكم as-salaamu calaykum	Greetings	sounds/assalaamu aleikum (female).mp3
goodbye	مع السلامة maca ssalaama	Greetings	sounds/ma salaama.mp3
good morning	صباح الخير SabaaH il-kheer	Greetings	sounds/SabbaH il-kheer.mp3
good evening	مساء الخير masaa' il-kheer	Greetings	sounds/masaa il-kheer.mp3
reply to "'ahlan wasahlan"	أهلا بيك /  أهلا بيكِ 'ahlan biik (to a male) 'ahlaan biiki (to a female)	replies	sounds/ahlan biik-biiki.mp3
reply to "as-salaamu calaykum"	وعليكم السلام wacalaykum us-salaam	replies	sounds/waaleekum as-salaam.mp3
reply to "maca ssalaama"	الله يسلّمَك /  الله يسلّمِك allaah yisallimak (to a male) allaah yisallimik (to a female)	replies	sounds/allah yisallimak-yisallimik.mp3
reply to "SabaaH il-kheer"	صباح النور SabaaH in-nuur	replies	sounds/SabbaH in-nuur.mp3
reply to "masaa' il-kheer"	مساء النور masaa' in-nuur	replies	sounds/masaa in-nuur.mp3
again	مرّة ثانية marra thaaniyya	other	sounds/marra thaniya.mp3
please	من فضلَك /  من فضلِك min faDlak (to a male) min faDlik (to a female)	other	sounds/min fadlak-minfadlik.mp3
O (vocative particle)	يا yaa	other	sounds/yaa.mp3
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