Personal Practice


How would you complete the following tasks in Arabic? Use "Voice Board" in Wimba to record your audio for each task. Refer to the "Communication Tools" section of the Technical Requirements page for additional instructions on using Wimba. Label your responses carefully so your instructor can find them easily.

  1. You missed your female instructor's last question. Ask her to please say it again for you.
  2. You are being introduced to the imam of a local mosque. Greet him.
  3. You are very pleased to see your old friend Ahmad. Greet him by name.
  4. You did not understand your male friend's last sentence. Ask him to please say it again for you.
  5. You have just purchased a kilo of oranges from a small vegetable stand. When the merchant gives you your total, he speaks very fast. Ask him to repeat what he has said for you.
  6. It is early in the morning and you have just woken up. Greet a roommate.
  7. You have to leave a friend in order to get to class on time. Say goodbye.
  8. It is late in the day when you run into a friend in the library. Wish him a good evening.