Creative Greetings

Following are some fun variations for responses to "good morning" and "good evening."

Alternative Responses
"masaa' il-kheer مساء الخير"
Alternative Responses
"SabaaH il-kheer صباح الخير"
مساء الورد Speaker Icon
masaa' al-ward
(wishing you an) evening of flower
صباح الورد Speaker Icon
SabaaH al-ward
(wishing you a) morning of flower
مساء الياسمين Speaker Icon
masaa' al-yaasmiin
(wishing you an) evening of jasmine*
صباح الياسمين Speaker Icon
SabaaH al-yaasmiin
(wishing you a) morning of jasmine*
مساء الفل Speaker Icon
masaa' al-ful
(wishing you an) evening of jasmine*
صباح الفل Speaker Icon
SabaaH al-ful
(wishing you a) morning of jasmine*

*Two types of jasmine flowers are common in the Middle East: yaasmiin ياسمين and ful فل

Alternative Greetings (and Responses) for
"Good Morning" and "Good Evening"
الله يسعد صباحك Speaker Icon
allah yiscad SabaaHak /
allah yiscad SabaaHik
God make your morning happy
صباحك سعيد Speaker Icon
SabaaHak saciid /
SabaaHik saciid
(wishing) your morning (be) happy
الله يسعد مساءك Speaker Icon
allah yiscad masaa'ak /
allah yiscad masaa'ik
God make your evening happy
مساءك سعيد Speaker Icon
masaa'ak saciid /
masaa'il saciid
(wishing) your evening (be) happy

You may wish to familiarize yourself with the following greeting which is used in formal settings, such as news broadcasts and speeches. It is also common in Egypt.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Speaker Icon
as-salaamu calaykum waraHmat allah wabarakaatihu
peace (be) upon you, (as well as) God's mercy and His blessings