Comprehensive Interview


Meet with your instructor and answer all questions asked of you. These will be questions you have not heard before, and they will contain grammar that is unfamiliar to you, but based on what you do know, you should be able to make reasonable guesses as to what the instructor is asking you. Go with your guesses, and answer accordingly. Chances are your guess will be right, and if not, your teacher will let you know. If for some reason you find yourself completely confused, you can always use a coping question (such as "What does ... mean?") to get back on track.

To help you have the best chance of understanding your instructor's questions, learn the following question words.

ما؟ \ ماذا؟ Speaker Icon Speaker Icon

أَيْن؟ Speaker Icon

كَيْف؟ Speaker Icon

مَن؟ Speaker Icon

أَي؟ Speaker Icon

كَم؟ Speaker Icon
how many?

لِماذا؟ Speaker Icon

هَل؟ Speaker Icon
(yes/no question marker)

Come prepared to talk about yourself, your address and your telephone number (see pages 115-117 in Alif Baa), what you study, what you like and don't like, etc. Plus, at the end of the session, the teacher will give you some time to ask him/her any language question (سؤال) you might have, so be sure to jot down anything you want clarification on.

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