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Listening (Dialogue E)

The following dialogue is fairly long, and therefore, we included some focused listening links to make finding the answers to the questions easier for you. Only use this "crutch" when you need to, and be sure to listen to the complete dialogue at least twice: once at the beginning and again at the end.

To better understand the dialogue, you will need to learn some new vocabulary. Be aware, however, that the dialogue purposely contains a few unknown constructions, but if you know the vocabulary from Arabic Without Walls, as well as Alif Baa, you know everything you need to in order to understand this dialogue. Think of the unknown constructions as a chance to work on developing a tolerance for a little ambiguity.

صاحبي \ صاحبتي
my friend (male/female)

I visit


I see

Background: At a college student gathering in California, a young male (Abdul Rahman) approaches a female (Yasmin) standing alone.

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  1. Are Yasmin and Abdul Rahman both students?
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  2. Where does Abdul Rahman live? Why is he in California then?
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  3. Do the two have anything in common? If so, what?
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  4. What is one interest that Yasmin does not have in common with Abdul Rahman?
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  5. How does Yasmin express that she does not like something very much?
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  6. Do you think Yasmin is interested in Abdul Rahman? Why or why not? For instance, how does she end the conversation?
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Now that you have finished answering the questions, please listen to the entire dialogue at least once more all the way through before quitting. For those of you who enjoy metaphors, think of this as pushing yourself at the end of a workout to get the most out of the workout. If you have the time, listening intently to the entire dialogue one more time before quitting is always a good strategy.

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