Personal Practice


How would you complete the following tasks in Arabic?

Use "Voice Board" in Wimba to record a brief audio clip, giving your name, address and telephone number. (See pages 115-117 in Alif Baa for language help.) Label your responses carefully so your instructor can find them easily. If desired, you may listen to your answer and record another response. This clip will be made accessible to your classmates on the Classmate Contact Information page. Check back in a day and fill in the chart on page 117 in Alif Baa for five of your classmates by listening to their audio submissions. Then submit your mini contact list as homework either by fax or by e-mail to your professor.

The following examples may help you get started. Feel free to copy the language used in either of the examples by swapping out the irrelevant information for your own.

Example A Speaker Icon

أنا اسمي ستيف. أسكن في مدينة دا موين (Des Moines) في شارع يوكلد (Euclid). العنوان ١٣٠٥. ورقم التلفون ٧٠٨ - ٤٨ - ٤٤.

Example B Speaker Icon

اسمي ساندي. أسكن في مدينة شارلسثون (Charleston). عنواني ١٢٥٦ شارع ماين (Main). رقم تلفوني ٤٣١-٢٢-٩٦.