Unit 2: Personal Introductions


This Arabic Without Walls lesson corresponds to the second unit of Alif Baa. You will learn the very basics of making personal introductions: how to tell someone your name and express pleasure for having met them. At the end of the lesson, you will have the opportunity to use your new language skills to meet some of your classmates. Good luck!

Unit 2 Learning Tip

Second Language Personna

For fun, we suggest that you pick out an Arabic name for yourself and use it in your language studies. Some second language acquisition experts actually encourage this approach, claiming that the adoption of a new name—and hence, a new personna—helps the learner adapt to the culture of the new language, as well as to the learning process itself. Much like an actor gets into character, so can a language student use a second language personna to test out new cultural boundaries, as well as language coping strategies. It may even help one overcome the fear of making a language mistake. But even if you are not a firm believer in this language learning approach, you can still check out our Common Arabic Names link and see if you find a name you like.