Vocabulary and Phrases
Language Highlights

Let's recap some of the highlights from this and the previous unit. In doing so, we have boiled down multiple pages of material to a short list of what we think are the most important language elements we have taught you so far. If nothing else, you should master the following things.

Conversational Phrases

To Say Hello
'ahlan wa sahlan
(or 'ahlan for "Hi")
أهلا وسهلا
(or أهلا for "Hi")
'ahlan biik/'ahlaan biikiأهلا بيك/أهلا بيكِ
as-salaamu calaykumالسلام عليكم
wacalaykum us-salaamوعليكم السلام
To Welcome Someone to a Specific Place
'ahlan wa sahlan fii...... أهلا وسهلا في
'ahlan biik/'ahlaan biikiأهلا بيك/أهلا بيكِ
To Say Goodbye
maca ssalaamaمع السلامة
allaah yisallimak/allaah yisallimikالله يسلّمَك/الله يسلّمِك
To Tell Your Name
'ana ismi......أنا اسمي
To Ask Someone's Name
maa ismak?/maa ismik?ما اسمَك؟/ما اسمِك؟
To Express Pleasure At Meeting Someone
tasharrafna biik/tasharrafna biikiتشرّفنا بيك/تشرّفنا بيكِ

Courtesy Phrases

To Say Please
min faDlak/min faDlikمن فضلَك/من فضلِك

Coping Phrases

To Ask Someone to Repeat Something
marra thaaniyyaمرّة ثانية
To Request A Translation
maadha yacani ...?ماذا يعني ...؟
kayf naquul ...?كَيف نقول ...؟

Arabic Language

Arabic is sensitive to the gender, so you will often need to tailor your speech according to the gender of the person to whom you are speaking.