Personal Practice


How would you complete the following tasks in Arabic?

Complete the following tasks aloud. When you are ready, use "Voice Board" in Wimba to record your audio for each task. Label your responses carefully so your instructor can find them easily. If desired, you may listen to your answer and record another response. See the "Communication Tools" section of the Technical Requirements page for information on how to connect to Wimba.

  1. You have been asked to address a group of Arab professionals. Begin your speech by saying hello, and then give your name.
  2. You have been asked to help welcome an Arab exchange student. The student's name is Salim. Welcome him, by name, to your city or state. Hint: To welcome someone to a place, use the proposition fii في "in", as in أهلا وسهلا في شيكاغو 'ahlan wa sahlan fii shikaagu "Chicago".
  3. You have just arrived at the office. Wish your colleague named Ahmad a good morning, addressing him by name.
  4. You find yourself unable to keep up with a female friend's rate of speech. Ask her to please repeat what she has just said.
  5. You are working as a registration assistant for a conference on the Middle East. When you notice that the next person in line (a veiled Arab woman) does not speak any English, greet the woman in Arabic and ask for her name.
  6. While visiting a local mosque, a fellow patron greets you with a warm, Islamic greeting. Respond to his greeting, and then introduce yourself and ask him for his name.