DVD Comprehension

Nice to Meet You

Exercise 1

Learn the polite expressions and questions you may use when meeting someone for the first time. Listen a few times to Scene 2 of the Alif Baa DVD 1 Dialogues then check your comprehension by answering the following questions.

  1. The name of the male speaker is feedback image
  2. The name of the female speaker is feedback image
  3. The man is from feedback image
  4. The woman is from feedback image
  5. The greeting used to open the conversation is feedback image
  6. The greeting that the speakers use in response to أهلا وسهلا is feedback image
  7. The Arabic expression used in this dialogue to mean "pleased to meet you" is feedback image
  8. Both speakers use the polite form of "you" to address each other. This form is feedback image
  9. The male speaker comes from the city of feedback image
  10. The female speaker in the dialogue comes from Cairo. Yet both speakers do not refer to Cairo as القاهرة as is customary in Standard Arabic. They, instead, refer to it using its Egyptian dialect name. The name they use is feedback image

Exercise 2

Match the appropriate response with each expression by selecting from the drop-down menu.

١- أهلا وسهلا

feedback image

٢- صباح الخير

feedback image

٣- واسم حضرتك؟

feedback image

٤- أنا من تونس

feedback image