Personal Practice

Listening (Dialogue B)

Listen to the dialogue and then answer the questions below. You may listen to the dialogue as many times as necessary.

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  1. What is the most likely relationship between the individuals in this dialogue?
    Feedback Imagesiblings
    Feedback Imageclose colleagues
    Feedback Imagefriends
    Feedback Imageprofessor and student


  1. The use of HaDritak حضرتَك and Hadritik حضرتِك between the speakers does not signal a close, family, or equal relationship.

  1. When the male speaker asks the female how she is doing, he uses a question that is similar to the one you have learned. Listen carefully to the dialogue (as many times as needed) and see if you can isolate the exact wording of the question. Type what you think you hear below. Then click on the Answer button to check your work.

  2. How would you pose this same question to a male? Type the wording you would use below. Click on the Answer button when finished.

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