Personal Practice

Listening (Dialogue C)

After you listen to the following dialogue, you will be asked to choose an appropriate title for it.

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  1. What is the most fitting title for the dialogue? (This might be a little tricky, so if you need help we have a hint Consider the following things:
    • alternative meanings of the greeting used
    • uses of the phrase tafaDDali تفضّلي tafaDDal تفضّل and tafaDDali تفضّلي are variations of the phrase "please, go ahead." This phrase is used in many contexts, each of which may call for its own translation of the phrase. For instance, you can use this phrase to invite someone at the door into your home "please, come in" or to offer someone a seat "please, sit down" or to offer someone the right of way "please, go ahead". tafaDDal تفضّل and tafaDDali تفضّلي are also used when handing a person something, such as when a salesperson hands you your change "please, help yourself".
    • level of formality in the language used
    for you.)
    Feedback ImageRendezvous at the Park with some Friends
    Feedback ImageVisiting a Cousin at Home
    Feedback ImagePre-class Conversation among Classmates
    Feedback ImageBumping into Your Professor at the Market
  2. Besides the person she is speaking to, who else does the first speaker inquire about? (Hint: She asks how two people are doing, so choose two answers.)
    Feedback ImageFadi
    Feedback ImageNoor
    Feedback ImageFariid
    Feedback ImageJihan
    Feedback ImageAmira
    Feedback ImageMona


  1. The conversation definitely takes place between two people who know each other well, which could include friends or classmates. And although this conversation is fairly informal in speech, if a person is very familiar with his/her professor, the market is a possible context for the dialogue (if we were to assume that the use of tafaDDali تفضّل was the speaker's signal to give the other the right of way.) However there is a more likely context for this conversation. In what other contexts is tafaDDali تفضّل used? Also, keep in mind the greeting used, as it has two meanings.
  2. Jihan is the name of one of the speakers, but the answer is at the end of the dialogue.

  1. In order to ask about how these two individuals are doing, what wording does the speaker use? Type what you think you hear below. Then click on the Answer button to check your work.

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