How Are You?

Listening Comprehension

Learn how to respond to morning greetings and how to ask and respond to "How are you" by answering the following multiple choice questions based on Scene 3 in the Alif Baa DVD 1 Dialogues.

  1. The name of the first speaker is feedback image
  2. The name of the second speaker is feedback image
  3. To show respect when addressing the first speaker, the second speaker addresses her using the polite "you" حضرتك and uses the title feedback image
  4. The speakers greet each other using a morning appropriate greeting. The greeting used by the first speaker is feedback image
  5. The morning appropriate reply is feedback image
  6. The second speaker used the polite Egyptian expression for "How are you" or Standard Arabic
    "كيف حالك؟." This expression is feedback image
  7. In response to "How are you" both speakers reply that they are fine (literally "Thanks be to God") by saying feedback image
  8. The two letter word used when calling someone's name is feedback image
  9. When addressing the student, the professor does not use the polite form of "you." She uses the regular feminine second person pronoun feedback image