Good Morning. How Are You?

Exercise 1: Listening Comprehension

Answer the following multiple choice questions based on Scene 4 of the Alif Baa DVD 1 Dialogues to learn how to make polite conversation, focusing on the different ways to ask and respond to "How are you?"

  1. The name of the first speaker is feedback image
  2. The name of the second speaker is feedback image
  3. To greet his friend the first speaker says feedback image
  4. The second speaker replies feedback image
  5. The pronoun (masculine singular second person) that both friends use when addressing each other is feedback image
  6. Another way to ask "How are you" is to say feedback image
  7. Another way of saying "Everything is okay" is feedback image

Exercise 2: Practice

Match the expressions from Scenes 3 and 4 with the appropriate responses by selecting from the drop-down menu.

١- صباح الخير

feedback image

٢- إزي حضرتك؟

feedback image

٣- إزيك؟

feedback image

٤- أخبارك إيه؟

feedback image