Units 4 & 5: Expressing Origin


Image of a Skyline. Courtesy Dr. Michael Bush & the ARCLITE Lab

This Arabic Without Walls lesson corresponds to the fourth and fifth units of Alif Baa. You will learn how to tell someone where you are from, as well as how to ask where someone else is from. To do this, you will be introduced to an important, and fairly unique, aspect of the Arabic language: al-'iDaafa الإضافة, a noun construct used to express names and titles of things, possession, etc. al-'iDaafa الإضافة is extremely common in Arabic, and after this lesson, you will be on your way to using and understanding it like a native!

Units 4 & 5 Learning Tip

Grammar: More Isn't Necessarily Better

Since this is the first lesson with a substantive amount of grammar, we want to warn you not to overstudy Arabic in terms of grammar rules. You might be tempted to access every extra grammar link in an effort to soak up all you can about the language, but this may not be the best strategy for you. In the case of grammar, more isn't necessarily better. Please make sure you have mastered the broadest, most encompassing elements of the lesson first before venturing beyond the basics.

If you find yourself struggling to grasp even the basics, seek assistance from your instructor. Instructors want to help...and the sooner the better.