Pronouncing al-'iDaafa الإضافة

Special Pronunciation for "city" and "state" in al-'iDaafa الإضافة

You may have noticed that the words "city" and "state" are pronounced madiina and wilaaya in the vocabulary list, but when used in the dialogues, they are pronounced madiinat and wilaayat. This is because in the dialogues these words function as first terms of al-'iDaafa الإضافة. Most feminine words are pronounced with a final "t" sound at the end of the word when they are first terms of al-'iDaafa الإضافة.

مدينة واشنطون Speaker Icon
madiinat Washington
the city of Washington
مدينة Speaker Icon
ولاية كولورادو Speaker Icon
wilaayat Colorado
the state of Colorado
ولاية Speaker Icon

Although most feminine words get a final "t" added to them, not every term of al-'iDaafa الإضافة does. All we expect you to remember, for now, is that madiina  مدينة and wilaaya ولاية are pronounced madiinat and wilaayat when they are the first terms of an 'iDaafa contruction. We will address the behavior of other words later.

More on pronouncing al-'iDaafa الإضافة

ة (taa' marbuuTa  تاء مربوطة) and al-'iDaafa  الإضافة

The unique pronunciation rules for many feminine first terms of al-'iDaafa  الإضافة has to do with the presence of the symbol ة  (called taa' marbuuTa تاء مربوطة). Most feminine words end with this symbol, which only occurs at the end of a word. There it takes one of the following two shapes:



Remember that not every first term of al-'iDaafa الإضافة gets a final "t" added to it, only those that end with ة do.

حبيب منى Speaker Icon
Habiib Mona
Mona's (male) dear one
حبيب Speaker Icon
dear one (male)
حبيبة سامي Speaker Icon
Habiibat Saami
Sami's (female) dear one
حبيبة Speaker Icon
dear one (female)

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