Scene 6: I Am Well. How Are You?

Exercise 1: Listening Comprehension

Practice greetings, polite conversation and introducing a female friend by answering the following questions based on Unit 4, Scene 6 of the Alif Baa DVD 1 Dialogues.

  1. The name of the first speaker is feedback image
  2. The name of the second speaker is feedback image
  3. When سامية is asked "How are you" or إزيـك, she replies that she is fine by saying feedback image
  4. دعاء replies that she is well when asked "How are you" or أنت إزيك by saying feedback image
  5. سامية introduces her friend to the professor towards the end of the unit. The friend's name is feedback image
  6. سامية explains that أمينة is her friend by saying feedback image
  7. أمينة is a student or طالبة at feedback image
  8. Instead of the polite formula تشرفنا used in introductions, دعاء uses an expression that is equivalent in meaning in this context (this expression is also used to mean hello and welcome) feedback image

Exercise 2: Practice

Match the expressions from Scene Six with the appropriate responses by selecting from the drop-down menu.

۱- أهلا وسهلا

feedback image

۲- إزيك؟

feedback image

۳- صاحبتي، مريم، طالبة في جامعة القاهرة.

feedback image

٤- صباح الخير

feedback image