Personal Practice

Listening and Speaking (Dialogue B)

Please listen to the following dialogue and then answer the questions based on it. We suggest that you first listen to the dialogue at least once all the way through to become acquainted with it before attempting to answer the questions. When you are ready, listen to each question and use "Voice Board" in Wimba to record your audio responses to the questions. Label your responses carefully so your instructor can find them easily.

There are two new vocabulary words that you will need to know in order to understand the dialogue:

لها  she has
أيضا  also

The dialogue takes place between two individuals who have met briefly in the past but do not know each other. The first speaker (Fadi) is male. He has a cousin named Thuraya. The second speaker (Hannah) is female and she is a friend of Thuraya's.

Dialogue: Speaker Icon

  1. speaker Icon Transcriptكيف حال ثريّة؟ | TranslationHow is Thuraya?
  2. speaker Icon Transcriptما لها؟ | TranslationWhat does she have?
  3. speaker Icon Transcriptوكيف سيارة ثريّة؟ | TranslationWhat is Thuraya's car like?
  4. speaker Icon Transcriptمن أين ثريّة؟ | TranslationWhere is Thuraya from?
  5. speaker Icon Transcriptمن أين فادي؟ | TranslationWhere is Fadi from?
  6. speaker Icon Transcriptمن أين هناء؟ | TranslationWhere is Hannah from?
  7. speaker Icon Transcriptكيف مدينة تلهاسي؟ | TranslationHow is Tallahassee?
  8. speaker Icon Transcriptأين ثريّة؟ | TranslationWhere is Thuraya?
  9. speaker Icon Transcriptكيف نقول "me too" ؟ | TranslationHow do we say "me too" in Arabic?

    Hint: Listen to Fadi's last line. What does he say right before saying "goodbye?"