Language Highlights

Let's recap some of the highlights from this lesson, most of which are grammar principles that we expect you to master.

Conversational Phrases

To Ask Where Someone Is From
min 'ayna 'anta? / min 'ayna 'anti?Speaker IconSpeaker Icon من أين أنتَ؟ / من أين أنتِ؟
To Tell Someone Where You Are From
'ana min...Speaker Icon أنا من...
To Agree With or "Second" Something
'ana 'ayDanSpeaker Icon أنا أيضا

Coping Phrases

To Express Ignorance
laa 'acrifSpeaker Icon لا أعرف

Singular Pronouns

I 'ana أنا
you (male) 'anta أنتَ
you (female) 'anti أنتِ
he huwwa هو
she hiyya هي


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