Scene 7: Good Afternoon, Please Come On In

Exercise 1: Listening Comprehension

Practice afternoon greetings, polite conversation and introducing friends by answering the following questions based on Scene 7 of the Alif Baa DVD Dialogues.

  1. The name of the first male speaker is feedback image
  2. The name of the female speaker is feedback image
  3. The name of the second male speaker is feedback image
  4. Upon hearing the knock on the door, the first speaker invites the visitor to please come in by saying feedback image
  5. دعاء greets Dr. عباس using the evening appropriate greeting feedback image
  6. Dr. عباس greets her back with the evening appropriate response feedback image
  7. Dr. عباس politely invites دعاء to sit down by saying feedback image
  8. After greeting back دعاء, Dr. عباس addresses her by a title that indicates that she is a female professor feedback image
  9. Dr. عباس introduces his male colleague as Dr. الدكتور feedback image
  10. The last name of دعاء is feedback image
  11. When asked by دعاء whether he is a professor at الدكتور محمود ,الجامعة الأمريكية answers in the negative saying feedback image
  12. الدكتور محمود says that actually (في الحقيقة) he is a professor (أستاذ) at feedback image
  13. الدكتور محمود adds that his university is in the U.S. by saying feedback image

Exercise 2: Practice

Match the expressions from Scene 7 with the appropriate responses by selecting from the drop-down menu.

۱- مساء الخير

feedback image

۲- تشرفنا

feedback image

۳- اهلاً وسهلاً

feedback image