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Arab Countries البُلدان العـَرَبيّة

How many Arab countries are there?  How many Arab countries can you name? 
There are twenty two countries in what is known as the Arab World today.  These Arab countries are spread along the North of Africa and the West of Asia.  Most of the English names of these countries are similar to their names in Arabic.  Only five names are different.  Learn the names of all twenty two Arab countries and their locations with the following map activities.

Activity 1
Arab Countries with Similar Arabic/English Names

Click on the Arab world map and examine it carefully, paying attention to the spelling of country names.  Type the Arabic for the countries listed in English below.  The names are presented in a random order so you need to go back and forth between Africa and Asia to complete this activity.  You will notice that some countries start with an الـ that is absent in their English names and that some of the sounds change slightly from one language to the other. 

CAUTION: Do not enter ANY diacritics (short vowels or shadda) when you type.  The computer will not recognize them.  When you type a hamza, look carefully how it is written and type it in the same manner.  Once this activity is complete, you may click on the link that lists these country names with short vowels where appropriate (short vowels are not written before long vowels because they are considered redundant).    


Tunisia     Answer


١- Libya     Answer 
٢- Djibouti     Answer 
٣- Oman     Answer 
٤- Yemen     Answer 
٥- Mauritania     Answer 
٦- Emirates     Answer 
٧- Syria     Answer 
٨- Bahrain     Answer 
٩- Qatar     Answer 
۱۰- Kuwait     Answer 
۱۱- Sudan     Answer 
۱۲- Somalia     Answer 
۱٣- Lebanon     Answer 
۱٤- Iraq     Answer 
۱٥- Palestine     Answer