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Arab Countries البُلدان العـَرَبيّة

How many Arab countries are there?  How many Arab countries can you name? 
There are twenty two countries in what is known as the Arab World today.  These Arab countries are spread along the north of Africa and the west of Asia.  Most of the English names of these countries are similar to their names in Arabic.  Only five names are different.  Learn the names of all twenty two Arab countries and their locations with the following map activities.

Activity 2
Arab Countries with Similar Arabic/English Names

Examine the names of the remaining five countries and type them next to their English counterparts in the space provided (Hint: The الـ found at the beginning of one of the country names is preserved in the English name).  Type carefully, paying specific attention to the hamza.
CAUTION: Do not type ANY short vowels.

١- Algeria     Answer 
٢- Morocco     Answer 
٣- Jordan     Answer 
٤- Egypt     Answer 
٥- Comoros Islands     Answer 

Complete List of Arab Countries with Short Vowels