Drill 9

How would you express the following in Arabic? Type your answer in the text box and then click بالعربية to see if you were right.

1. The old (كبير) man is tired.  بالعربية

2. Is this test hard?  بالعربية

3. This is the old school.  بالعربية

4. This is a long class!  بالعربية

5. Is this your new roommate (two variants)?  بالعربية

6. This is a hot summer!  بالعربية

7. Cairo is a very big city.  بالعربية

8. Is this our new room?  بالعربية

9. The new library is very cold.  بالعربية

10. The short woman is Saudi.  بالعربية

11. Their new car is beautiful.  بالعربية

12. I live on (في) a wide street.  بالعربية

13. The new student is French (two variants).  بالعربية

14. This is her new friend.  بالعربية

15. This weather is hot!  بالعربية

16. This is the new building.  بالعربية