علي باشا: الطقس

Imagine that you grew up in a warm place, and then moved to a place with cold weather. What would your reaction be? Think about how you would describe your experience. Watch the whole interview with Ali Basha once all the way through, without pausing the video, and then answer the following questions.

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1. How does he feel about the weather in Michigan?  Answer

2. Ali Basha compares the weather of which places?  Answer

3. How is the weather in each of the three places?  Answer

Listen to Ali Basha again, and then fill in the blank or answer the question.

٤- علي يحب طقس _____لأنه حار.

٥- كيف طقس فيرجينيا؟

٦- كيف الطقس في السودان؟