Chat Activity 2

Please log on for an Arabic collaborative chat at the time determined by your instructor and follow the guidelines below. You may find that reviewing Step 1 of Chat 1 and the Culture Vocabulary to be helpful for conducting this conversation successfully.

  1. Please be prepared to ask your online partner
    • to name the place/region where they live
    • where that city/region is situated (أين تقع؟Speaker Icon) and describe its landscape (coastal city, close to/far from a mountain range, etc.)
    • to describe the characteristic weather of that city/region (hot, cold, etc.)
  2. Find out how they feel about living in that environment (whether they like it, whether it makes them happy, sad, etc.)
  3. Take detailed written notes of your conversation for use in Ch 5_Writing_2

Try to answer as fully as you can in Arabic, using as many new vocabulary words and structures as possible.