Vocabulary Exercise 2

Step 1
Sound out the following words and then click on the speakers to hear them. Learn their meanings and practice pronouncing them.

angerالغضب Speaker Icon
rest, comfortالراحة Speaker Icon
tirednessالتعب Speaker Icon
sadnessالحزن Speaker Icon
happinessالسعادة Speaker Icon

Step 2
Now, look at the pictures and complete the sentences to describe how these people feel by choosing the correct word from the drop-down options. Read aloud every sentence that you complete.

tired image angry image
هذه الفتاة تشعربـ
هذا الشابّ يشعربـ
relaxed image
happy image
يشعرهذا الشابّ بـ
يشعرهذا الشابّ بـ
sad image
تشعر هذه الفتاة بـ