نبيلة ووحيد: الطقس

Listen to Nabila and Wahid talk about the weather in different places and then answer the following questions. The first time, watch the whole video all the way through without pausing to see how much you can understand.

Notice how Nabila pronounces the word جداً  with a "G" sound instead of a "J" sound. This is typical of the Egyptian accent.

1. Listen to Nabila talk about the weather in different places. Which cities does she talk about?  Answer

2. Now Listen to Professor Wahid. Which cities does he mention?  Answer

3. Listen to both Wahid and Nabila mention the summer in Cairo. How do both of them describe it? (Hint: Listen to the question that the interviewer asks Nabila.)  Answer

4. Play the video segment of Wahid again, and listen for a description of the winter in Beirut. You will hear a new word: معتدل. As you listen to the video segment, try to guess this word’s meaning. Enter your best guess.  Answer

  5. Wahid and Nabila give a lot of information  about the weather in different cities. Try to organize all of  the information into the following table:
City Summer Weather Winter Weather
Ann Arbor